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Mercenary Kings animations

Here’s some animations from Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games. Get it now on Steam or PS4

Mercenary Kings progress





Mercenary Kings will be on show at the IGDA DemoNight in Montreal next Tuesday 22nd. If you can’t attend, you’ll have another chance to see the game at PAX East in March at the Tribute Games booth.

Mercenary Kings NPCS

Here’s some NPC animations from Mercenary Kings. Things are going pretty good so far.

Kickstarting Mercenary Kings

Tribute Games is launching a Kickstarter for Mercenary Kings today! We really want to make this game the best it can be, and to achieve that we need additional support.

We hope that people will see the huge potential of this game like we do and will be willing to participate in this adventure! Our backers will get cool rewards (the most basic one being a digital copy of Mercenary Kings and a digital copy of Wizorb).

We tried to describe Mercenary Kings as thoroughly as we could on our Kickstarter page, so you can check it out here:

I’ll be working on the game along with other awesome dudes, Stéphane Boutin, Jonathan “Persona” Kim, Jonathan Lavigne and Jean-François Major all who worked on the Scott Pilgrim game.

Wizorb on Steam

Wizorb by Tribute Games is out on Steam and it’s at 10% off till March 21st. Get it, it’s really great. Check out the new trailer here

Here’s some more animations I did on it.

Buy Wizorb on Steam