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Nightmare Friends

Adventures to the Heart of the Universe

Pixels and Animations By Paul Robertson

Lamington Drive is pleased to present Adventures to the Heart of the Universe, a solo exhibition of new work by Melbourne-based artist Paul Robertson. Paul’s work evokes a classic 8-bit style and draws the viewer in to his intricate psychedelic worlds. For Adventures Robertson presents a series of looping pixel animations about traveling across time, space, and beyond.

A boy sets off on a journey through the universe, searching for meaning within an infinite sea of information and noise. Along the way he encounters strange worlds, inter-dimensional creatures, vast formulas, fragments of a familiar world left behind, and amazing new friends on journeys of their own.

Opening Thursday May 15, 6-9pm.
Exhibition runs May 16 – June 7, 2014.
101A Sackville St
Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia

If you’re in Melbourne why don’t you come along and say hi


another team up with Jacky

Mercenary Kings animations

Here’s some animations from Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games. Get it now on Steam or PS4



You asked for it, we wanted it and it turns out that the work involved in making a second playable character fits in our planning! So, here’s our second playable character, codenamed Empress and also a former member of the Mercenary Kings. Like King, she’ll have a variety of color palettes to chose from.

couple of new sprites from Mercenary Kings. The kickstarter is going pretty well, keep spreading the news!


little advertisement for meatbun 

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